Friday, March 2, 2012

Singing Mantras to Kids: Gayatri Part 2

My four-year-old son surprised me today by singing the full gayatri mantra while playing around on the toy piano. I didn't realize he picked up the whole mantra - nevermind with decent pronunciation and rhythm.

What really blew me away was the sweetness and light that seem to pour out of him. 

It made me tear up a bit. I managed to record him singing it immediately after, albeit a little shyly, but listen as he gets silly with it in the last round, letting his spirit shine. (I *love* his silly voice). Excuse my head-cold attempt of singing it back to him kirtan style in the middle.

Children and the ease at which their light shines just simply amazes me. A lot of the times it takes nothing at all to let their natural light shine out. Put on some music, let them dance. Give them the materials to create and unique artworks are manifested direct from their spirit. Or just ignore them a little, let them get into their zone and there you got it, children running around sparkling everywhere dazzling up your home!

Other times, I believe, that they might like a little challenge, or need a little bit of learning to give them the tools so they can run with it, lifting them up to a new level of experimentation in which to shine their light.

For children as young as my son, I wouldn't recommend pushing anything on them. Let them learn what they want to learn. Figure out what they are interested in and try to engage them in a way that they can learn - make if fun or maybe they need it to seem sophisticated and grown up. Whatever works. Try giving them a few tools.

I have to say, I love that my son wanted to learn this song on his own accord. That is what makes it so sweet. It manifested from within, and so it radiates back out.

And if you think we are a very serious family over here, let me tell you we surely are not. As much as we embrace spiritual authenticity and try to teach our kids as much as they want to learn about the spiritual paths we are on, we are equally and directly oppositely as silly, free and fun.

For example, immediately after recording this Gayatri mantra sequence, our next track was called, "Monstertrucks and Popcorn." Don't think we'll release that one any time soon!

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  1. that is the sweetest little baby voice singing the mantra. And how quick and melodious he is!