Monday, November 11, 2013

Sick of All Those Media-Based Books?

I just got back from my son's school book fair fundraiser and was quite disappointed and turned off by all the obnoxious media-based books, loud and cheesy cartoonish artwork, and general lack of substance. Not to mention the lack of culture and diversity. I mean, this is what the public schools are feeding our kids! Now, some of their books are grounding and classic, and some are very affordable which is great for some families, but it really affirmed to me why I am such a big supporter Barefoot Books. Kids need to a better alternative!

I know you mamas/parents will *get* Barefoot Books. They are so much more nurturing, beautiful and inspiring. Without being cheesy, their stories have characters who model the values I want my kids to strive for, like generosity, kindness, bravery, appreciating the earth. They are books kids want to read again and again.

There is Herb the Vegetarian Dragon (who refuses to fight and kill), Ruby's Baby Brother (featuring a breastfeeding mom), The Girl with a Brave Heart (who shows kindess to an elderly lady) and my family favorite Earth Tales. They are multicultural and diverse - even the Pirate short story collection features a story about a female pirate from Ireland. Their best selling books Animal Boogie has a little guy in a wheelchair, and different races amongst the kids.


So if you are looking for great books for your kids or as gifts this holiday season, check out my webpage. You can use the coupon code "TWENTY13" on my site and get 20% off your order. Or if you are local, and don't have much of a budge, or if you just want more books, you could host a Barefoot Books party and earn money towards books!

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