Wednesday, May 28, 2014

KG Wrap Up

Recess, lunch and PE. These were his favorite parts in KG. And Chess Club. I have no idea why Chess Club would be the highlight of the year, but it is for him. But I know there is other magic working wonders there in KG, cuz the kid has become a real reading whizz. But he doesn't care about that. Nope, he wants to ask endless questions about the mysteries of math to anyone whom might know, like stuff they do in THIRD GRADE because practicing KG math isn't quite as alluring, plus it just takes too long to do the worksheet.

He can finally write sentences with spaces. These sentences may end in a big bowlingball-esq period, or with an added line on top to make an exclamation mark or two!!! But hey, I can finally decipher them into modern English, like rilly rilly i can. Speaking of which, why did no one tell me you needed to take a mini-course on translating your kindergartener's sentences? Thank-goodness we are past the first semester where even he couldn't translate his own work.

I am very proud to report he only used the word "butt" (correctly spelled) in one piece of schoolwork (that I know of) this year. Strangely, he seemed shocked that was in there, and claimed to not remember writing that. Hmm.

And I'm happy he stuck things out that didn't come so easy. Like his drawings. They are becoming a little more, uh, realistic. I mean, if he really tries. I can usually figure it out. Especially if he sticks to his basics, house, tree, fish, cat, happy stick people, or stick figures with frowny faces and weapons battling each other. But that doesn't stop him from loving art class. He loves art! Wouldn't you know it. The year he leaves me full time he discovered how much fun crafts are. Nope. No offence taken.

See picture above of another new thing he loves, basketball! So much so he wants to be a basketball player when he grows up!

More than any piece of paper my son brought home all year, what makes me the happiest is that after completing his first full-time year of school, his love of learning is higher than ever. That and all the big smiles, waves and excited shouts we heard from all the KG classes today as we walked into the lunch room late.

He is a far cry from his mother whom was doomed by her kindergarten teacher to "have real problems in life" for being so painfully shy. Well, thank goodness there is now social media, and more encouraging teachers!

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