Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Essence of Creativity: Why being creative is so important

There is a reason they call it "creative spirit."

When in the "creative spirit," I feel like I am plugged into my inner self. Once engrossed in the creative task at hand, I am zoned.

We live in this day and age of industrialization (and thus commercialization) where the corporates rule. There is so much pressure to conform to societies standards. Sometimes I feel a little bit like a cog in the wheel of the machine. The mass-produced man-made world around us lacks originality. Information is spoon fed to us, to the point where I wonder if my thoughts are my own, or did "they" shape my thinking.

Creativity is the one thing that I can count on to makes me feel like a unique human being. Creativity reminds me that I have a vibrant unique spirit that likes to stand up and express itself.

Also, as a mother with young children, I deeply appreciate 'zone moments' that I get when being creative. Seemingly bombarded with never-ending interruptions each day, time spent deeply engrossed in any task feels few and far between. While serving the young ones needs, staying organized, crossing things off the to do list, it is so easy to loose a sense of connection to the inner Self.

Creation time feels like a kind of meditation. I suppose it is like the Buddhist tradition of walking meditation. However, when in the creative spirit, it is so easy to be zoned. So, it feels a little like cheating!

Not to mention, the certain element of joy that arises when I am creating, or gazing upon the final product.

To me, being creative means connecting to spirit. Connecting to spirit means knowing myself... and thereby growing into my highest self. So if I want to live the path, I have to let my creativity out, and let it rain down every day.

I notice that the days I able to be even a little creative, my mood is chipper, and I think my family and my life are golden.

Sometimes it is scary to let it out. A lot of the times I am scared to fail, or frustrated at the outcome. Painting is a perfect example. I have a deep appreciation of art, especially painting. I have a deep burning desire to paint, but whenever I do, I want to burn it. My painting never turn out as I think they should. Perhaps I should just relish in the zone moment of painting and forget about the product.

Lately, my solution is to stick to the creative things that I feel good about: sewing projects, cooking, paper crafts, mixed media art, writing, decorating/beautifying my surroundings, and making up silly games/activities for my son.

Reflecting on how joyful and connected being creative feels, and how important it is for my spiritual development, I am going to have to make a concerted effort to be more creative.

Tag blanket and turtle I made for baby nephew "W"

Tag blanket I made for baby nephew "C"

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