Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oozing Pure Joy!

When I was growing up, I loved to sew. I especially loved sewing things for others.

My first solo sewing project was a bikini for my mom. I was five. I remember sitting outside in our backyard on a sunny summer day, blissfully sewing together scraps of white fabric with red apples on them.

I can still feel the needle flowing in my hand, and see my big white stitches running down the fabric like a yellow line dotting the road. I was proud of those stitches darn it. It took all my concentration to get them just so. As I sewed away I thought, Oh how lovely my beautiful mom would be when she wears this bikini I made for her. (Funny, but I never got to finish that project. I wonder who could of sabotaged it?)

When I was older, I loved to get my creative juices flowing at Christmas time. My crafty Aunt and Godmother was the special recipient of my sewing projects. She always encouraged my craft skills and gave me something for Christmas, so I started a tradition of making her little dolls each year. I would spend hours upon hours immersed in intricate, serious doll-making work. I loved.every.minute.

There is nothing like the joy of being immersed in one's creative work. Combine that with the joy of giving, and the love I feel for the person I make it for, and it about blows my mind.

I found myself reliving a little childhood bliss this year. I decided to make my new baby daughter something special for Christmas.

HABA's cotti lamb
I really wanted to buy this adorable HABA lamb stuffed with spelt seeds from our local green store, Barefoot Kids/the Green Nursery. My little one is always cold, so the added function of warming it up seemed perfect for her.

I also love the oh-so-vibrant Blabla dolls. I mean, how could you not! But at $46 for the full-size, and $36 for the mini - ouch, it hurts your bank account.

I got thinking, it would be even more green (and definitely more special) to make something for my daughter.

So, I used some of our extra cute receiving blankets, and filled it with white rice so I could warm it up in the *gasp* microwave for her. For added scent, I added some of our homemade lavender oil, from lavender picked from our garden.

The shape was a no-brainer. Ever since our ghost experience, I have a heightened need to protect my baby. So the shape of my creation became an angel. Not to mention my daughter's name has to do with becoming like an angel.

The angelic sewing creation

I suppose the final product functions like a blanket, and less like a doll. With each side having double flannel it is super cozy and warm. It is so cute to see the angel wings wrapped around her like it is really protecting her. I think the extra weight of it makes her feel secure too.

See, she loves it!

Not only did it bring me such joy making it, but every time I see it on her I get a little fluttery in the belly. I can't really explain it. It feels so good. Like I said in my last post about the essence of creativity, being creative connects me to my spirit. I am so happy I took the time to make her something unique that came from the inner me.

The poor girl is going to be bombarded with crazy little dolls and odd sewing assortments for the rest of her life. I can see her rolling her eyes at me in no time. The thing is...I don't care!

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