Monday, October 31, 2011

The Skeleton's Ball GIVEAWAY!

Through song, stories and other activities Storytime Yoga's latest Kids Story of the Month kit, called The Skeleton's Ball, gets your bones moving! It's lively song, and other stories included in the kit will transport you and your kids, invoking their imagination and curiosity.

When I taught my son and his friends the folk song from Latin America called The Skeleton's Ball, I found myself talking about how skeletons move, and answering questions about joints. I also had to explain to the 3-year-olds that the word "ball" also means party - a big fancy party in a theater or big room. The kids got a kick out of imagining skeletons all dressed up and dancing at a big fancy royal party!

Sydney Solis, founder of Storytime Yoga, explains why it is so important to honor this special time of year: The earth’s energies shift at the Fall Equinox and call us internally to purify, renew, and prepare for the coming darkness of winter. 
There are many festivals at this time of year: The Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashana; the Muslim Ramadan;  the Mexican Day of the Dead; and Christian All Souls Day to name a few. 

By telling stories, practicing yoga and becoming aware of the season, we answer our soul’s yearning to connect to something deeper than the material life paraded before us. We yearn to connect to the energy and mystery of the world and the energy and the mystery that is in us. Humans always have the need to reconnect to source, and we do this by honoring the seasons and recognizing the change in our lives. We accomplish this 
especially when we invite children, the light of life, to celebrate with us to teach them the old ways and make them new again.  

Storytime Yoga has kindly offered a free Skeleton's Ball Storytime Yoga kit to one lucky Domestic Yogi reader!

This kit includes an e-book with two bonus stories and a parent/teacher guide for ideas and tips on how to bring story and yoga to the children in your life. It also has audio and video of the song, and flash cards to use.

What you need to do to enter the contest:
1- Like Storytime Yoga with Sydney Solis on Facebook
2- Post a comment here on The Domestic Yogi Blog OR on my Domestic Yogi Facebook page.

Winner will be chosen at random.


  1. Dear friends,
    I am a recently certified yoga teacher in Madrid, Spain and mother of a two year old girl, who´s guidance and inspiration give me strength and and courage daily to be able to teach at a small yoga studio in the community we live at and that only started running 1 year ago. The kids class has been a wonderful discovery for the kids&me as well as for the parents involved and although our budgets and economy are scarce we enjoy practicing yoga every Thursday afternoon in our centre. We would love to be able to discover and enjoy the skeletons ball.
    Indra Sopena

  2. How very wonderful!! I love the thought of you working with the kids, explaining joints while dancing around with ideas of skeletons...I know my kiddos would love this. Thank you for the opportunity!

    (Hope things are going well and that you've been out enjoying these gorgeous B-ton days) :)

  3. If you want a chance to win but are having problems commenting here, then I changed it so you can just comment on my Domestic Yogi Facebook page. Hopefully that will help!