Monday, October 3, 2011

Yesterday Was Different

There I was yesterday poised in downward-facing-dog pose on my mat. But it was different. I was outside. But it was different. I was breathing and practicing in a circle of yogi's from other studios across my community. But it was different. There were even a few other mother and daughter duos. My baby daughter contentedly stood holding my waist for balance, while chewing on a gifted mala necklace so long it brushed the yoga mat. But it was different still.

Yesterday, we all were one body, one breath, practicing to connect within, practicing to connect to community, practicing to reconnect to the earth and the sun, and practicing to help five amazing causes globally, thanks to the Yoga Aid Challenge.

Yesterday was different. It was magical.

It just took showing up, and being present.

And it was if my baby daughter felt it too. She gracefully played on my yoga mat, soaked up the sun and the oddity of us all doing the same thing. I was so happy to be there, be in the sun and take part, I didn't mind the little nudging she gave me at times wanting to reconnect. I was happy to reconnect to her. Then happy when I could manage a pose or two.

Mid-way through, she seemed sleepy so I cradled her to sleep, and there she slept at the edge of the mat, nestled in her knitted sweater and wrapped in a blanket. Back to the yoga. All was right with the world.

I love witnessing the power of yoga as it unfolds in my life and others.

Thank you for the leadership in the global yoga community to put on this event, and to the leaders in the 35 locations across America that helped to organize in their community.

How can you help, check out the Yoga Aid site and see the amazing things they are doing. Participate next year!

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  1. I really liked this post- how you worded it at the beginning was magical.
    thank you!