Sunday, May 13, 2012

Three Gifts to Savor for Mother's Days to Come


Having two young children has given me many gifts. As my children grow, so will our relationship, and I know it will get complicated very quickly. This Mother's Day I am trying to savor the simple loving and trusting devotion my kids have for me right now. That is such a beautiful gift.

I love the way they look at me like I am the center of their universe. When they cry they look at me in a way that says "only you can make it stop." It did take some time to win over their trust, but I did. I know what they need and love, and if I don't, I just try to shower them in love.

This mother's day I also want to savor the lessons my young ones have taught me and vow to try and keep these lessons alive in my heart as long as I am living. 

1. Live more in the moment and less in your head. 

The important, nourishing stuff is happening right here and right now. Get off the computer, drop the phone, stop thinking about that facebook update, and look over your shoulder right into the eyes of a little soul waiting to be interacted with. Message received my babies, thank you. Now just let me finish this post...

2. It is vital to relax a bit each day, laugh, and heck, take a nap!

For me this means, stop doing, and relax for a moment. Take a break, sit on the couch, let the kids crawl all over me. I have noticed it is in those down moments, the unscripted ones, that such genuine, beautiful connections happen with my family, and with my true self.

3. It's okay to just ask for what you want. 

Don't let your wishes swim in the ocean of your body and mind. Just ask if you want something in life. Worst case, you hear a no. And if you really want it, ask again. Keep asking until you get it. I was a shy child and was afraid to speak up for myself. From observing my children, I see that my wishes are important, and I need to stand up for myself, because if I don't, likely no one else will.

Thank you my children! Back to our regular playing program...

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