Monday, January 21, 2013

Feeling Sexy From the Most Unexpected Place

Normally in the winter my skin feels so dry and foreign to me, no matter how much moisturizer or oils I use. Sure, yoga helps to reconnect and enliven my cold body in the winter, but still my skin always seems to feel disconnected and dull.

Enter, body brush.

Oh my. The invigoration. The heightened senses. AND, the fabulous soft and smooth skin. And it's winter.  Winter. Booya.

Skin is our largest organ. We sense so much through our skin. Chemicals and toxins move out of our body through our skin (as well as chemicals from the environment leaking into our bodies through our skin). When our skin is tough and thick like an elephant, it will dull our senses and decrease our overall health.

  1. Firms your skin to reduce the aging process of the skin. That means it counters the sagging, bagging, wrinkles and cracks. Claims to even break up cellulite.
  2. Boosts blood circulation, bringing fresh blood to your skin to help replenish it. This also helps to eliminate toxins. 
  3. Stimulates lymph circulation which also aids to detox harmful bacteria and other waste products from your body. 
  4. Invigorate the nervous system by activating the near 3 million nerve points that are located under the skin. 
  5. Exfoliates the skin removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores. This helps to keep the skin soft and supple.
  6. Tones muscles. The circular strokes feel great, like a quick massage.

  1. Use a natural fiber brush. You can get one a your local drugstore.
  2. Use right before the bath or shower. It takes just a few minutes. 
  3. With a dry brush (no water!) start at your extremities (hands and feet) and work with firm circulars strokes towards your heart. 
  4. Include your palms, nipples and soles of your feet (eek!)
  5. Bath or shower as usual. Following with moisturizer or oil as necessary.
  6. Wash your brush every week or so with mild soap and air dry.

  1. Hands down dry brushing takes the cake. Dry brushing seems to get so much more skin off and stimulate the muscles and circulations so much better than the other two. 
  2. No extra chemicals or substances on your skin (that could leach into it) like when you are using the cream exfoliants. 
  3. Less extra product to buy (Just say no to material consumption when you can).

The first time I tried it, I had to brush very lightly. But now after about a month, I can go quite firmly. It feels good on my muscles, like a quick massage. 

Body brushing has been the best three-minute a day gift I have given to myself since Christmas. It really helped me to feel alive and sexy in my skin this winter! I highly recommend you add it to your daily routine.


  1. I have heard of this!!! but i was never sure about trying it. It sounds LOVELY though.... and my skin has been especially dry recently (and almost bumpy!)