Monday, July 1, 2013

Top Lyme Must-Do List

Hi! Sorry you, or someone you love has Lyme disease. I've battled with it for nearly a year. Forty-five days of doxy and then lots of herbs and vitamins. Here is some tips that saved me.

1. Seek medical treatment right away if you see a bull's eye rash, or get a stiff neck and/or flu a week or so after being bit by a tick. Or after a week or two feel foggy in the head, weak, achy joints, tinkling in your extreamities, or just feel very "off".

2. Samento. This saved me after I stopped antibiotics. Its a super special form of the natural jungle plant called cats claw. When I run out of this for a few days I regress with Lyme. Good natural stuff! Can use with antibiotics. Here is where I get mine. (Use code GQJ111 to get $10 off your first order). Here is more about Samento.

3- Liver Cleanse. Do a liver cleanse. This means herbal and food appropriate. Pending this, at least drink as much liver detox tea as possible for at least a month. Or buy a liver tincture and take it at least twice a day. The liver detox herbs help get the liver cleansed so it can keep doing its job. The liver gets bogged down when you are trying to fight Lyme. The liver herbs help to detox your body from Lyme!

4- Diet = no sugar!!!!! Lyme feeds on it. Better to reduce all carbs (they turn into sugar if u have too much). No alcohol too.

5. Gut Health - Do something nice for your gut every day. Take a good probiotic pill. Or eat lots of kimchi, or drink kombacha, eat the real deal sauerkraut. Make your own yogurt or kifir. DO NOT already sweetened yogurt, even the fruit kind. There is just so much sugar in it. All that sugar pretty much cancels out the good. Only eat plain  yogurt, and add in what you need. Maybe just a touch of honey.  A healthy gut can process everything better. Lyme lives in the gut too. Double especially if you are/were on antibiotics.

Dr . Buhner is fabulous. Check his site.

There are many other very wonderful and helpful herbs out there, but it depends on what Lyme symptoms you are experiencing.

For example, for athritis or joint pain:
-  the best things I have found are plain old cherries! They contain natural anti-inflamitories. You can buy a potent liquid form and take a spoonful when your symptoms flair.
- bone broth (or  gelatin) to help ease the joints.
- ginger compress. Just grade ginger into a compress and apply to achy area.
- no wheat!! Seriously. Back away from that bread. Unless it is gluten-free, but in which case, why bother really. Gluten is very very inflammatory!

Namaste and good luck on your Lyme journey!

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