Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dancing To My Own Beat as a Kids Yoga Instructor

Buzzed after a good day of teaching FOUR kids yoga classes! Yes, four! Three for private preschools, and one public family yoga class at our local Tibetan center.

I feel so blessed that there is so much demand for my classes here in my Southern Indiana bubble. When I started Enchanted Yogis just a year ago, I never dreamed it'd be so well accepted and loved in the community. I feel so fortunate.

Plus I have met so many wonderful children and their parents because of it. Kids and their parents keep coming back again and again, and they've all truly touched my heart.

I'm so happy to be teaching something fun, creative, healthy and mindful. I love that some of the things we do  in class are helpful to kids in their daily life.

Here that sound? Yep. That's me moving to the drum of my own beat, enchanting others, and flowing along in my own way to the divine inner truth. Namaste.

First day of 3-week Summer Yoga Camp

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