Friday, April 1, 2011

I Need Your Vote! Yoga Journal Pose Contest

Yoga Journal is doing a Pose Contest and I would love to see a photo in there of a mother and her baby doing yoga - pushing the boundaries of a main stream yoga mag. 

If you would too, check out the photo of my daughter and me, and please VOTE  by clicking here. It is really easy - you just have to push the RATE button.

The contest runs until April 15th. You can vote up to once a day!

Many thanks for your vote! And a big thanks to Venus of Venus Leah Photography for taking such a beautiful photo of us! More photos from our shoot coming soon!


  1. It is a beautiful picture! Just rated it 5 stars and voted, good luck!

  2. Thanks Claudia! Such a compliment, extra-especially from you :)