Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Double Buzz

You know that buzz you get while doing something you are deeply passionate about? Wonder how you can increase that buzz (uh, naturally)?

Try sharing your passion. Do it out of love for what you are doing. Do it in the spirit of sharing. Do it for free. Blamo. The double buzz.

Since the end of January, I have been offering a free weekly yoga class at my home "studio". With the new baby, I hadn't been teaching much and missed it. It was a great way to keep my home practice inspired, as well to keep my spirits up knowing I was helping others in my own way. I love teaching yoga. It is such a great way to help others connect to their body, drop out of their minds, and open up to something deeper.

Creating a sacred space and time to share yoga with friends I care so much about infuses light and joy into my very being. Especially when I know many would otherwise not be able to attend a class.

In doing this, it has created a small a sense of community and connection for me. As well, I feel empowered that we battled through the February blues together!

I also wrote an article (another passion for me) for an incredible inspiring new organization called Heiny Helpers. Three mothers from Bloomington, Indiana love cloth diapering so much, that they wanted to share that passion with others who were less financially fortunate.

"By providing reusable cloth diapers to families facing financial hardship, we enable parents to do something better than throw their money in the trash. Not to mention help the environment at the same time.”

Heiny Helpers just started in late January, and already have kept 140,000 diapers out of landfill by putting 20 babies in cloth full-time! Fourteen more are waiting for diapers.

This organization inspires me on so many different levels. It has brought private businesses and organizations in Bloomington together to help make Heiny Helpers a success. Not to mention all the donations from individuals. This little organization is doing big things for the  environment and helping families save money and keep their babies healthier!

I ask you now, what can you do to share your passion???


  1. Heiny Helpers! Not only a fabulous idea but a fabulous name! I'm seeking ways to share my yoga passion but so far not much luck. I'm no teacher, that's for sure! But when I figure it out, I'll let you know!

  2. Loo, you share and write great stuff about yoga. That counts! :)