Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just Laugh, Love and Give Full Attention

My squealing laughing cooing baby
All that my little girl wants to do now, while awake, is watch and engage with the world. By engaging, I mean laugh. A lot. What a joy babies are at five-months!

I remember equally enjoying it when my son was this age. It must be because they are still small and baby-like, but are much more happy and independent than newborns. 

It makes me realize that babies only really do need two things the first year of their life: love and attention. 

It was quite easy the first time around to envelope my son in my utmost love and attention. Any negative energy that came his way, I became so conscious of it. I didn't try to shelter him completely from negative energy, as that is just life. But I did "protect" him as best as I could.

Now with a three-year-old it is more difficult to give my baby all my attention and love. Thankfully my baby is naturally patient. Often I look over and see her watching me with wide loving eyes full of curiosity. I can't help but to stop my task at-hand, and go over and engage with her. There is always a smile or maybe a laugh  or a squeal waiting for me.

Just now as I write, she is looking at me talking in her own little way. I look over and talk back, and then go back to my writing. This brings me to my next point...

Giving my baby, or either of my children, my full attention is a constant battle. I feel like they are always fighting for my undivided attention. I know how absolutely thrilling it is to get anyones full, undivided attention. I remember being a child and what an absolute thrill it was to have an adult engage with me (or with other children) full on. It made me feel so special.

Not only do I know how thrilling and empowering it is to get someone's full attention, but I know how absolutely important it is to raise self-assured children. 

Yet, with the boredom and isolation that often comes with being at home with the kids, and with technology at hand, I admit, I am often distracted.  

Texting while breastfeeding baby and playing cars on the couch with my son. Yes, I did it. I am not proud. Sometimes it is a better option than calling, because the children really would have none of that. A simple "sorry, we can't play today we are sick" text seems justifiable. But sometimes it is just not as urgent, and I can't fight the urge to just text, or status update, or write...

I suppose balancing technology, household tasks, mommy-only-time, kid-time, work-time, and all else we do as householders is just part of being an modern-day-parent. Just like we will have to teach our children how to manage their own time spent with technology vs. people.  And show them how important it is to fully engage with the world. And by engage, I mean laugh. A lot.

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  1. Oh how I Seriously, as I type this my little one is on her Leapster. While we do what we can to limit game/t.v. time, I also don't want to make it unavailable (and thus more enticing!).

    I LOVE the idea of engagement - showing them how to truly savor that interaction, that embodiment...and yup, the laughter. :)

    Ah lovely yogini soul sister, here's to the practice in every form it takes!