Friday, November 25, 2011


On this American Thanksgiving week, I have much to give thanks.

Lately, my family has been eating pretty healthy. I've been feeling quite lean and underfed. We rarely order in, and due to small kids and limited finances, we rarely eat out as a family. So heading to Southern USA for American Thanksgiving, we feasted on lots of fatty, savory and sugar-ed up foods with much, MUCH DELITE!

My daughter soaking up the fall sunhine  
Strained sweet potatoes with marshmallows, bring it!

Mashed potatoes with cream cheese and chives, bring it!

Two turkeys, one smoked one baked, gravy, cranberries, bring it!

Sweet fruity iced tea and lots of wine, bring it!

Five kinds of pies and cakes, three types of ice cream, dig in!

It was a fine feast, with belly aches, sugar comas, and sleepy eyes. Kids had fun, and didn't want to sleep.

Beyond food though, was the bonds of family and friends to which I celebrate the occasion and give thanks.

The bonds of family and friendship makes me feel pulled in a million directions at times, but fundamentally, leave me feeling connected to the human spirit, and to life. And for that I give thanks.

My kids make me cry tears of frustration and exhaustion, but also tears of great joy. The have taught me the heights love can soar, and how deep a wound of another can tear. They have brought out a whole new side of myself I didn't know existed, the good and the bad side.

My kids have taught me the power that a warm smile can have on others, or a simple thanks.

They have taught me to be selfless. They have taught me the true meaning of compassion.

I am lucky to be journeying through this life with a wonderful partner who is just as committed and determined as me on the spiritual path of self-awareness. He is constantly trying to better himself as a person, and the poor thing has me to answer to if he slips. He works tirelessly to provide for this family with not much left over for himself. He is humble and rarely complains. He also listens (above two chatty/whiney children) to my discoveries or complains of the day.

This American Thanksgiving, I give my full gratitude to my family - immediate and extended. Without you I would be nothing.

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  1. Beautiful and heart-warming post. I adore reading gratitude posts. I completely resonated with, "They have taught me to be selfless. They have taught me the true meaning of compassion." Like nothing else, being a parent has taught me that these are endless inside me and everyone else.