Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Remember that Ghost We Had?

It has been a year since my first experience with the little girl ghost in our house. Back then, it was the first weeks we had our baby daughter, and I spent the nights sleeping with my newborn babe on our couch. 

I will never  forget that awful feeling of someone lifting my daughter straight out of my hands as we snuggled on the couch in our in-between sleep state. Nor will I forget my "Tiger Mom" unleashing of a blast of white peaceful energy to disarm the intruder.

I am not a fear-based person by nature. I have conquered many fears in my life, but navigating this "in-between" world where ghosts and spirits and other mystical forces exist does bring up my fears. I suppose it is the fear of the unknown. As well as, it's the strange new sensations I feel, perhaps the different energy or vibrations from that "other world" and the resulting sick in the pit of my stomach.

I have much more sympathy for children as they move through life and experience new sensations, as they come into touch or contact with new emotions and energies. It is H-A-R-D. 

In retrospect, I am happy for that little ghost experience. It has opened up my mind, and brought "stuff of the spirit world" more into reality for me.

Most importantly, we helped a little girl ghost, who was stuck in our house, to transition over to the spirit world! How amazing is that!

We haven't seen nor heard her since the ceremony we did. The fellow that conducted the ceremony said that he had a dream where she thanked him and looked happy. He said his spirit helpers were able to guide her back, even though she was scared and ran away.

I hated those weeks of living in fear, suspicion, and wondering if I was being watched. It was so eery! Thank goodness we knew how to get help.

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