Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why Should I Make My Own Valentine?

Making your own Valentine, no matter what age, is an easy and fun February craft.

As an adult, I have always made a Valentine's card for my sweetheart. It is a nice excuse to be creative, and express myself visually and verbally. Not to mention, why give Hallmark my five dollars!

As a parent, having your kids make their own Valentines will encourage your them to be more creative, and instead of encouraging them to be consumers. The end result will be more unique, made from the heart, and something they can take joy in.

What if your kid has 30+ people in their class?
Great! What better way to teach your child how to focus on a big project. You can break it down into decorating five cards a night. They reap the rewards of accomplishing a big project.

Challenge yourself - add an environmental twist
See if you can make your Valentines all out of recycled, trashed or let over materials!

Use making your own Valentine's an excuse to:
- practice focusing on one task single-mindedly, parents and children (no checking emails!)
- nurture one-on-one quality connections with you and your spirit, and/or you and your child.
- practice expressing gratitude for the important things in life: love and friendship.
- talk to your child about the importance of expressing feelings of love, joy and gratitude.
- teach your kids about why it is important to create things from the heart instead of just buying something mass-produced.

Save your money!
Use it on more important things, like chocolates and candy!

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