Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yogi Confession Box 1.0

Dear Deep Sweet Inner Self:

I confess, it has been four or fives days since our last deep connect. I long for you, yet "stuff" gets in the way. Yesterday, I tried. I unrolled my mat. Forehead to mat, arms out stretched. I remember those two deep, beautiful, full breaths. Ahhhhhhh.

My mind cleared. The world dropped away. There was nothing but you and me in that moment. Deep within that breath, there was stillness, and I saw a tiny little sparkle of you winking at me, omnipresent, waiting there deep within me fully present and unconditional.

Then the baby screamed bloody Mary, and the 3-year-old demanded his treat of the day like a little devil jumping up and down with a pitch fork.

I said good bye to you as quickly as I said hello, and away I went.

Two breaths weren't quite enough to get my center back. I have been feeling completely off-quilter since our last connect. Perhaps that is why the world seems to be two steps ahead of me these last few days. Both my mind and my emotions storming around, as if battling it out for King of my Kingdom.

Why won't you fight to be King, my sweet deep inner Self?

Ah, not your style. I forgot.

Okay, my concerted effort restarts again tomorrow. I promise to give you, at very least, five-minutes a day of single-pointed attention. Then after my yoga practice, I promise to  work on my daily mindfulness practice, and continue to love unconditionally while creating peace and good things for all where ever I may go.


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  1. Awesome post Sam, it has been so long for me the mat is a stranger.